CCH Navigate GAAP

Focus on New UK GAAP

CCH Navigate GAAP is a new type of research platform from CCH focusing on New UK GAAP.

Including legislation, commentary and model accounts, Navigate GAAP helps you understand the complexities of New UK GAAP, ensuring a smooth transition and happy clients.

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CCH Navigate GAAP covers everything you need to know about New UK GAAP. From the Companies Act and SORPs to FRC standards, including FRS102. View quick overviews, detailed commentary or example model accounts.

The powerful search brings up relevant results across each type of content so you can quickly see the relevant standards and legislation, commentary (both overview and detailed) and model accounts, as well as any relevant FAQs.
CCH Navigate GAAP is the first research platform from CCH which is integrated with CPD tracker technology, allowing you to easily record all your reading and research for your Continuous Professional Development log.

Features of CCH Navigate GAAP

Organised intuitively - browse by topic or use our powerful new search.

Links to core standards, legislation and useful documents make finding what you need quick and painless.

Includes access to online learning modules covering new UK GAAP.

CPD tracker keeps a log of everything you’ve researched.

Add your own notes and group content using our intuitive folder function.

Fully accessible on all modern devices.

New UK GAAP is coming, and you need to be prepared. We know you haven’t got the time to read the book, and existing online platforms aren’t much quicker.

Navigate GAAP is different. It offers market leading CCH content with a clean and easy to navigate interface, modern design and powerful search engine. Each search result or topic section browsed offers results categorised into Legislation (including Companies Act and Accounting Standards), overview commentary, detailed commentary, and model accounts and tools. It includes access to New UK GAAP e-learning modules, and contains a CPD tracking and reporting tool to monitor and record your research and learning for your CPD log.

Folder functionality allows you to tag different sections of content to your folders, ideal for keeping notes for clients, or just for yourself. Notes and annotations can be added, and folders printed or saved as PDFs. Navigate GAAP also offers templates for engagement letters on New UK GAAP.

When you know exactly what topic you want to know about our powerful search engine will direct you directly to the relevant sections in each content category. When you’re not so sure, or if you’re doing general reading, our handy topic index and quick links let you explore the content by type and by topic. Quick FAQs have been written by our in-house experts offering answers to common questions, and are accessible through the homepage links or the search. If you would like to see an FAQ on another subject then please email with your suggestion.

Sole Practitioner licences cost £33 a month, and five user licences £25 per person per month. Larger multi user licences are available, please contact us for further details.

Navigate GAAP is available for purchase with special discounts available for smaller accountancy practices. Please choose the nature of your practice below to proceed further (please note that we may require additional documents to confirm the nature and size of your practice)

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